Ford Motor Company’s [NYSE:F] awesome Mustang Shelby GT350R has been designed with track use in mind. That’s why the car comes standard without any seats up back, so that it can be as light as possible. Well, some buyers wished that wasn’t the case as they’ve persuaded Ford to offer a kit that adds back the rear seats.

“We always listen to customer feedback,” Ford Performance boss Dave Pericak said in a statement. “So when many requested a back seat for their GT350R, we acted quickly to make it available.”

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The kit adds a bench with two seats featuring the same Alcantara trim and contrast stitching as the racing buckets fitted up front.  Of course, the kit also includes seat belts.

It’s available for $999 through Ford Performance Parts. In the interest of safety, Ford recommends you have the installation work done by an authorized dealer or service center.

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