We've seen the lessons time and time again on why a valet should never ever take a customer's car for a joyride. In case you were wondering, aside from it being simply wrong, the valet's employer and the employee are probably on the hook if something happens to that vehicle while in their possession. Despite this, sometimes it's simply too tempting, or so it would seem.

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According to Fox News a valet in Florida apparently simply couldn't help himself after a customer handed him the keys to a shiny $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador, you know, one of those cars with billionaire doors. He promptly took the car for a joyride, during which he apparently over-revved the snot out of the car's V-12 while in front of a mall on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach's South Beach neighborhood.

People on the scene eventually put out the fire but the damage was done. The car reportedly was out of commission and had to be pushed away from the scene.

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Yet another example of why some think twice about handing over the keys to their ride at the valet stand.


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