• Hellcat runs in valet mode

    One of the great joys in life is getting to mash the throttle in a car equipped with a Hellcat. The whine of the supercharger pairs perfectly with the roar from the exhaust. It's 6.2 supercharged liters of heaven that sprouts a 707-horsepower smile. It's also wise that Dodge decided to fit cars with said engine with a valet mode, as one owner recently found out. Brandon Neider has a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. He also has a dashcam mounted to his windshield. The car recently took a trip to Universal Studios, where it had to be valet parked. Neider wisely set valet mode on the car, which...

  • Lamborghini Avenatdor Catches Fire During Valet Joyride
    Valet Takes Lamborghini Aventador For Joyride, And Of Course It Catches Fire

    We've seen the lessons time and time again on why a valet should never ever take a customer's car for a joyride. In case you were wondering, aside from it being simply wrong, the valet's employer and the employee are probably on the hook if something happens to that vehicle while in their...

  • Ferrari 599 GT0 crashed by Valet in Rome, Italy - Image via Tgcom24
    Ferrari 599 GTO Crashed By Valet Is A Write-Off: Video

    You’d think that someone employed as a valet would be somewhat competent behind the wheel of a car, but as we’ve seen time and time again this isn’t always the case. This time around, the actions of a valet have led to the demise of a Ferrari 599 GTO, of which just 599 examples...

  • Valet’s ‘review’ of a customer’s 2015 BMW M4
    Valet Fired After Posting ‘Review’ Of Customer’s BMW M4 On YouTube: Video

    Warning: This video contains some NSFW language. While the majority of valets are good and honest people, like with any industry there are always going to be a few bad apples. Case in point is the valet in the video above who was recently tasked with parking a customer’s BMW M4 but decided to...

  • Corvette PDR captures valet doing 50 mph in parking garage. Image via Corvette Forum.
    2015 Corvette Stingray PDR Camera Captures Valet Hitting 50 MPH In Parking Garage: Video

    The Valet Mode of the Stingray’s Performance Data Recorder system is a cool feature—even if it has drawn some heat for its potential illegal recording of audio. But you don’t need audio to see what’s wrong with this valet’s treatment of a new 2015 Corvette. MUST SEE...

  • 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Performance Data Recorder Valet Mode
    2015 Corvette Valet Mode Helps Preserve Tires, Owners' Peace Of Mind: Video

    The Corvette's Valet Mode will now include video, audio, and date from the Performance Data Recorder.

  • Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder crashed by hotel valet. Image via BigBoyToyz.

    Valets of the world, what is it you have against Lamborghinis? Can't you just take it easy on them? For us? DON'T MISS: Did A LaFerrari Just Catch Fire? White, sparkling clean, and absolutely smashed to bits at the nose, this Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder was crashed at a La Meridien hotel in New Delhi, India earlier this week. The photos, by way of BigBoyToyz, show the damage in excruciating detail. It’s a smashed-up supercar, but one that looks like it should be repairable. MUST WATCH: BMW M4 Hits The 'Ultimate Racetrack': Video New security footage uploaded to YouTube by user...

  • Lamborghini Aventador crashes into Toyota RAV4
    Monaco Valet Rams Lamborghini Aventador Into Passing RAV4: Video

    An unfortunate valet in Monaco may be looking for a new job after the incident captured in the video above. It shows the valet parking a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 at the famous Hotel de Paris in the heart of Monaco, during which the stunning supercar rams a passing Toyota RAV4. ALSO SEE: Dodge...

  • Kevin James and Adam Sandler in 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry'
    Kill Us Now: Adam Sandler & Kevin James Play Valets In Upcoming 'Bro-medy'

    Dear Hollywood: We demand that you cease and desist directing, producing, promoting, or in any way encouraging Adam Sandler to appear in more "bro-medies". We don't think that "bro-medies" is a real word -- in fact, we hope it's not. We just dreamed it up to describe whatever Sandler's been doing...

  • 2005 Ferrari F430 Spider, Geneva Motor Show
    Casino Valets Give Ferrari F430 To Wrong Owner

    A professional poker player in Melbourne, Australia would have had a shock of his life when he found out that valets at the casino he was playing at gave away his Ferrari to total strangers. The car, a red Ferrari F430 Spider, was found hours later at a fuel station with a man by the name of Adam...

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