One of the great joys in life is getting to mash the throttle in a car equipped with a Hellcat. The whine of the supercharger pairs perfectly with the roar from the exhaust. It's 6.2 supercharged liters of heaven that sprouts a 707-horsepower smile. It's also wise that Dodge decided to fit cars with said engine with a valet mode, as one owner recently found out.

Brandon Neider has a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. He also has a dashcam mounted to his windshield. The car recently took a trip to Universal Studios, where it had to be valet parked. Neider wisely set valet mode on the car, which causes it to limit horsepower and revs, and also to leave the line in 2nd gear instead of 1st. It's a system designed to curtail shenanigans and ballyhoo.

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The valet attendants didn't seem too pleased once they realized that the car was in the mode designed to protect it. One could argue that the mode also protects the valet attendants themselves. After all, not everyone is capable of the restraint required to simply park a Hellcat. A quick dab of the throttle when the car is in full Red Key mode, and it's easy to spin tires or get sideways.

None of that happened here because of the valet mode. We're also happy to praise the owner of the car. He didn't raise a fuss. He didn't speak to the attendant's boss. He realized that these kids were a bit bummed they couldn't make the car roar a bit, but they also didn't do anything wrong here. It could be said that they might've were the valet mode not turned on, but that's an assumption and you can't call a party guilty on just that.

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Yes, the kids were bummed they didn't get to have fun. But the Hellcat remains safe, the owner remains happy, and the Internet gets to laugh at someone for not making a fool of themselves in a car that is quite capable of making that happen. Sadly, the same can't be said for some other valets.


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