For the average enthusiast, the manual transmission is love. It is life. It is the giver of all that is good with the automobile.

Still, there are many who worship at its alter, yet probably practice a few bad habits. It's understandable that these habits could manifest over the years. We get lazy. We get careless. We start to view driving as a task rather than a privilege. Well, some day in the future your manual transmission options will be very limited, so these five tips could help keep the existing manual-equipped cars in better shape for the next generation.

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The folks at Engineering Explained have posted a video highlighting five things you should not be doing in a vehicle with a manual gearbox. For example, the first no no is resting your hand on the shift lever.

For many of you, the list could be common knowledge. There's a whole generation of drivers out there, however, where this could be pertinent news. The video itself does a good job of explaining exactly why you shouldn't be doing these five things. It mostly comes down to needless wear and tear on a number of clutch and transmission parts.

If we were telling you this on a television screen, this is when you'd see The More You Know banner come flying.


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