So you want to shift gears like a race car driver? Well, Engineering Explained is here to to help. There's a reason we keep posting these videos, and that's because you're going to learn something from them. Today's topic? The fine art of rev-matching.

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You want to be a heel and toe all-star? That means you first need to understand the practice of rev-matching, as it's a major component in the more complicated heel-and-toe dance you want so much to attend. The basics of rev-matching are about bringing your engine up to the same speed that your transmission is spinning.

Let's say you're in third gear and you're cruising at 45 mph. If you want to grab second gear for an upcoming turn, you should raise the engine speed for a smooth engagement into that gear. Blip the throttle to raise your RPMs, slot the shift lever into second, and make your car's powertrain happy.

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That's a quick and dirty explanation, of course. Click play on that video above and take a deeper (yet still not overly time-consuming) dive into just why rev-matching is important. Your clutch will thank you.


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