You saw the five things you shouldn't be doing with a manual transmission. Now it's time to learn about five things you should avoid doing when you're driving a vehicle with an automatic gearbox.

Engineering Explained is back at it, this time showing us how we're abusing our auto cog-swapping setups. Some of this may seem like common knowledge, but judging by the comments over on the original YouTube page for this video, perhaps that's not the case.

Some of the obvious cases include not switching into neutral when coasting downhill or switching from reverse to drive while the car is still moving.

It's all solid advice but the reason we appreciate the host taking the time to explain all of this is how they're doing so. By using props, visuals, and actual information to explain rather than just telling you what you're not supposed to be doing, it helps get the message across. Also, you can learn something along the way.


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