A professional poker player in Melbourne, Australia would have had a shock of his life when he found out that valets at the casino he was playing at gave away his Ferrari to total strangers. The car, a red Ferrari F430 Spider, was found hours later at a fuel station with a man by the name of Adam Ramsay behind the wheel.

Ramsay, who had been drinking at the casino and had locked his keys in his own car, allegedly walked up to the valet at the casino, claiming he was the owner of the Ferrari. All he had to do was fill out a form, pay a $30 fee and drive off.

Casino patrons are given a ticket when they drop off their car but if they lose it they have to show ID (typically a driver's license) to pick up their car, as had Ramsay, which means that he was always going to be caught.

We’re sure that offers no solace for the car’s actual owner, Van Marcus, who claimed that it had been “thrashed” and didn’t feel the same.

Adam Ramsay has since been charged and will have to face court.


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