Warning: This video contains some NSFW language.

While the majority of valets are good and honest people, like with any industry there are always going to be a few bad apples. Case in point is the valet in the video above who was recently tasked with parking a customer’s BMW M4 but decided to also do a quick video review of the car and then upload it to YouTube.

We say “review” lightly, as there are so many factual errors here that this video can’t be taken seriously. Some choice examples include calling the in-line six a V-6, and pointing out that the roof-mounted antenna is there to aid aerodynamics. The video also shows the valet speeding in the car park with a friend in the passenger seat.

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The valet would have got away with his recklessness if not for the guys from Bimmerpost (via World Car Fans) identifying the particular valet and notifying his employer. Understandably, he was promptly fired.

Let this be a warning to other valets to respect other people’s property and stick with the job you’re tasked with. And for anyone seeking a more professional review of the new M4, be sure to read our first drive report.


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