As much as we love cars, many of us have a thing for motorcycles, too. As you’d guess, we’re not exactly the put-along-below-the-speed-limit-on-a-cruiser type, and many of our fondest two-wheeled memories have been racked up behind the bars of BMW motorcycles. While BMWs may not be as fast as their Japanese counterparts (S 1000 RR excepted), they offer an unrivaled blend of comfort and handling, especially two-up.

That makes this news from Mariano Comense, Italy, all the more tragic from our perspective. According to Italian newspaper La Provincia (via GTSpirit), the driver of an early model Lamborghini Murcielago lost control of his car in front of a BMW Motorcycle dealership.

In attempting to recover, the driver plowed the Lamborghini into a line of BMW motorcycles parked in front of the shop, utterly destroying about 10 different BMW models and the Lamborghini itself. The crash also destroyed a plate glass window, but the car stopped before entering the dealership (and causing further carnage).

Both driver and passenger escaped the accident without injury, and none of the bikes destroyed looked to be rare or historically significant. We’re sure the dealer’s insurance will cover replacement inventory, but the Murcielago itself may be a total loss.