One of the advantages to ordering a $375,000 automobile is the amount of personalization you can request. While Lexus may not offer up the same number of bespoke options that Rolls-Royce does, there’s still an impressive amount of factory customization available to LFA buyers.

For exterior paint options alone, the Japanese luxury brand offers 30 different shades, including three variations on white and three variations of black. Inside, there are 12 colors available, which could result in some rather hideous combinations (like a Lime Green exterior, offset by a Bordeaux interior).

Among the Lexus LFA exterior color choices is one dubbed “Black Amethyst,” which we’d probably just call “dark purple.” To give fans a chance to see it themselves, Lexus has posted a gallery of the car on Facebook, under the title “First and Only Black Amethyst LFA.”

We’re pretty sure it’s the only Black Amethyst LFA until another customer orders one in the same color. Given the large-Crayola-box range of hues available, and the limited availability nature of the LFA, we’re pretty sure that duplication won’t be occurring any time soon.

Lexus’ post does raise other questions, and we find ourselves wondering how many “Passionate Pink” or “Fresh Green” LFAs have been sold to date. Hopefully, the answer is “not many.”