If you’ve been holding off buying a Shelby GT350 Mustang because you weren’t fond of the color choices, we’ve got some good news for you. Beginning with 2013 production, Shelby American will build you a GT350 in any color that Ford sprays the Mustang.

Want a Gotta Have It Green GT350, or one in Grabber Blue? Consider it done, and buyers now get a choice of Satin Black or Gloss White stripes, too. Choose a Performance White or Ingot Silver Metallic donor Mustang, and you’ll get Azure Blue Metallic stripes, a Shelby tradition.

Also new for 2013 are updated wheels, finished in Satin Black or Bright Silver Metallic; a  panoramic glass roof option; Recaro seats and a custom rear valance to set the car apart from earlier years. As with previous GT350s, only 350 model year examples will be built, and as in 2012, buyers can choose from coupe or convertible models.

The base GT350, which puts out 430 normally-aspirated horsepower, starts at $26,995 plus the cost of your donor 2013 Mustang GT. If you want more grunt than that, forced-induction models featuring either 525 or 624 horsepower are also available, starting at $33,995 plus the cost of the donor car.

As on earlier versions, there are plenty of accessory choices for personalization or performance, too, ranging from bigger brakes and improved cooling to a billet aluminum accessory kit for the 5.0-liter V-8.

If you’re looking for a new GT350 at a bargain basement price (relatively speaking, of course), Shelby American wants you to know that 2012 models are still available and include purchase incentives from Ford on the donor Mustangs.