Could you use a new ride? Do you own an iPhone or Android smartphone? Will you be watching the Super Bowl On February 5? If you answered yes to all of these three questions, you’ll probably want to download Chevy’s new Game Time app.

There are plenty of reasons why, including discounts on Papa John’s pizza, and on NFL-team-logo clothing, but here’s the best reason of all: Chevy will be giving away 20 new cars during the course of the contest.

Winning one couldn’t be easier. After downloading the app, you’ll be assigned a unique license plate number; spot that tag on a Chevy vehicle, in a Chevy ad, either online or during the Super Bowl, and you win the vehicle shown.

Chevy isn’t giving away left over Aveos, either. As our own Richard Read points out on The Car Connection, vehicles include six Sonic 2LZs, six Cruze LTZs, three Silverado pickups, two Camaros and two Chevy Volts. There’s even a Corvette Grand Sport convertible in the mix, valued at over $78,000.

Even if you don’t come away with a bigger car insurance bill, there are thousands of other prizes from manufacturers like Bridgestone, Motorola, the NFL and Sirius XM Radio. The app is free, so why not download it and take a chance on winning a new car?