It turns out Mercedes-Benz's AMG B-Class is only a test mule for smaller AMG cars, not a production intent vehicle. Shucks. Yet another Ferrari has burned, this time an F430 in Texas. When will it stop? Finally, IndyCar will be skipping the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, site of Dan Wheldon's fatal accident, for 2012.

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B-Class AMG is just a test mule, according to an insider.

Another Ferrari burns to the ground, this time an F430.

IndyCar won't be going back to Las Vegas Motor Speedway in 2012.

London's red buses go hybrid.

The 2013 Nissan GT-R gets a track pack, but it won't be available in the U.S.

Jeff Koons' scale M3 GT2 art cars are up for sale.

Aptera founder Steve Fambro speaks with GreenCarReports about the company's closure.

Porsche releases a new video series documenting its Le Mans history in anticipation of its 2014 return.

New York City drivers don't care about your tiny parking paces--or your bumpers.

Traffic fatalities are at their lowest levels since 1949.