• Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon

    A watch with a miniature W-16 engine like the one in the Bugatti Chiron needs to be seen to be believed.

  • 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Tag Heuer Edition
    Aston Martin and Tag Heuer collaborate on bespoke DBS Superleggera

    Exotic cars and luxury watches go together like fine wine and cheese, and two of our favorite brands are already inexorably linked via their involvement with the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. Aston Martin is a title sponsor of the F1 team, while Tag Heuer is official timekeeper and watch partner...

  • Bullitt Ford Mustang watch made with original car's paint
    One-of-a-kind watch with paint from original "Bullitt" Ford Mustang to be raffled for charity

    In early 2018, the original 1968 Ford Mustang from the motion picture "Bullitt" emerged from the shadows after decades. The car spent the year criss-crossing the country and even the Atlantic Ocean to help launch the 2018 Ford Mustang Bullitt and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film. Now, the...

    Porsche Design watch celebrates 70 years of the brand

    Porsche is celebrating is 70th anniversary in several ways. It's making a big splash by taking its most advanced race car on a track-time-destroying world tour, and it's preparing its first all-electric model for production. And on a personal level, Porsche is offering a fancy new wristwatch for...

  • Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograph
    Ferrari celebrates 70th anniversary with limited-edition Hublot watch

    Ferrari has 70 on its mind. To celebrate its 70th birthday, the Italian supercar maker is offering 70 historic liveries for each of its five models, meaning up to 350 cars can be in the program. Now, Ferrari has tapped its longtime watchmaking partner, Hublot, to create something extra special to...

  • Richard Mille
    Aston Martin forms partnership with watch brand Richard Mille

    Aston Martin has announced a partnership with Swiss luxury watch brand Richard Mille, famous for its tourbillon-equipped watches such as the sapphire crystal-encased RM 056. Emulating similar partnerships of rivals such as Ferrari [NYSE:RACE], the partnership between Aston Martin and Richard Mille...

  • Nissan NISMO Smart Watch

    Cars and watches have gone together for decades. The wearable works of art blend with wonderfully with the driveable works of passion. In the future it seems that these two worlds can collide in even more amazing ways, which is what Nissan aims to prove with its NISMO Watch concept. A driver will be able to achieve even more connectedness with his or her car, and they can do so in a rather stylish manner. The watch will be able to read a variety of biometric data points. Items such as the wearer's heart rate could be used to help the watch warn the driver to relax a bit. The watch will also...

  • Scuderia Ferrari Orologi
    Scuderia Ferrari Racing Division Gets Its Own Watch Line

    Only last week we brought you details about a new watch from Hublot celebrating Ferrari’s new LaFerrari supercar. Now we have the first image and details of another Ferrari-brand watch, this time celebrating the Prancing Horse’s motorsport division, Scuderia Ferrari. The new watch is...

  • Shinola’s Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary limited-edition watch
    Ford Celebrates 50 Years Of The Mustang With Special Shinola Watch: Video

    Just yesterday we saw Hublot’s new watch commemorating Ferrari’s LaFerrari supercar, and today we have a new watch from Detroit-based Shinola that commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang. Though the actual anniversary isn’t until April 17, 2014, Shinola is launching...

  • Hublot MP-05 “LaFerrari”
    Hublot Celebrates Launch Of LaFerrari Supercar With New Watch: Video

    Swiss firm Hublot, maker of the world’s most expensive watch, the Bing Bang 5 Million, so named because of its $5 million pricetag, has announced a new watch celebrating Ferrari’s latest flagship supercar, the LaFerrari. The new watch, called the MP-05 “LaFerrari,”...

  • The David Yurman Shelby 1000 watch. Image: David Yurman
    David Yurman Crafts A Watch To Honor The Shelby 1000

    Thousand-plus-horsepower Mustangs (or even 950 horsepower Mustangs, in street trim) don’t come along every day, which is why jeweler David Yurman has created a special timepiece to honor the Shelby 1000 Mustang. Limited to a production run of just 300 units (150 in stainless steel and 150 in...

  • The Octo Maserati, by Bulgari
    Bulgari Teams With Maserati On A Vision Of Excellence

    While most of us own watches, few of us actually wear them on a regular basis. When you drive a keyboard on a daily basis, watches tend to get in the way, and our computers and smartphones always display the correct time and date. Coincidently, none of us drive a Maserati, either. If we did drive a...

  • Movado

    In 2009 it was Italy’s Panerai, the following year it was France’s Cabestan, and last year Swiss firm Hublot got the tick. This year, another Swiss firm, Movado, has been awarded the honor of designing, producing and marketing a series of watches under the Ferrari and Scuderia Ferrari brand names. The new watches will be priced up to 1,500 euros (approximately $2,000) and will be sold globally through select wholesale distribution outlets as well as Ferrari stores and the Ferrari online store. Movada states that the design of the new collection will be inspired by Ferrari’s...

  • The Breitling Bentley Ice Speed Record commemorative watch
    Breitling Commemorates Bentley's Ice Speed Record

    Bretiling has crafted a custom chronograph to accompany sales of the Bentley Supersports ISR Convertible.

  • Two million euro Hublot BB watch
    Ferrari And Hublot Team Up On New Watch Line

    Two pinnacles of engineering have teamed up for a watch series.

  • The Bell & Ross BR02-8 Infiniti Carbon Case 8 Pro Dial. Image: Infiniti
    Infiniti's Latest, Pressure Tested To 1,000 Meters

    The latest creation from Inifiniti (and partner Bell & Ross) doesn't require a garage and won't need regular oil changes.

  • Scuderia Ferrari Carbon Chrono watch
    Scuderia Ferrari Carbon Chrono Watch Goes On Sale

    We’ve seen plenty of luxurious watches here at MotorAuthority and while most of these are priced at a level few mortals can afford, sometimes we come across some cool models that won’t break the bank. One of these is the latest Scuderia Ferrari Carbon Chrono, now available via...

  • Porsche Design Indicator watch
    Porsche Design Watch Is Yours For $270,000

    While it’s not quite as expensive as the diamond-encrusted $2.9 million Hublot BB, $270,000 for a watch is still mighty expensive when you consider what else can be bought for the money. But then again, the people buying such lavish items don’t normally think in the same way that you or...

  • Bernie Ecclestone and Tina Zegg show off 2 million euro Hublot BB watch

    We’ve seen plenty of expensive watches here at MotorAuthority, but the latest creation from Swiss luxury firm Hublot easily takes the cake. The watch is the spectacular two million euro (approximately $2.9 million) Hublot BB, which was presented by Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone and Tina Zegg from jeweler Zegg & Cerlati at the recent 2011 Monaco Grand Prix. Easily one of the most expensive watches ever created, the Hublot BB is made from 18 karat white gold and is encrusted with more than 140 karats of diamonds. The stones, of which there are a total of 637 individual cut...

  • Jay Leno looks at Bianci Watches
    Bianci Pro Racing Watches Win The Jay Leno Seal Of Approval

    Your wristwatch can say a lot about you as a person. Rolex? Traditional topsider type. Casio? Hipster. TAG Heuer? Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, a new line of watches wants to tell the world that you're a gearhead -- and it's got Jay Leno on its side. The line is called Bianci, and one glance at its "Pro...

  • Tag Heuer Monaco
    Timepiece Titivation: 5 Watches For The Tardy Gearhead

    Some things in the motoring world are inexorably linked. Classic car enthusiasts often have an interest in other classic transport - boats, aircraft, motorcycles. The glitz and glamour of Formula 1 racing goes hand-in-hand with champagne. Many motorsports though have a timepiece connection. In...

  • Aston Martin And Jaeger LeCoultre AMVOX2 DBS Transponder
    Aston Martin and Jaeger LeCoultre release third DB9-inspired watch

    To celebrate the launch of its DBS supercar, Aston Martin called on Swiss watch company Jaeger LeCoultre to develop a new chronograph watch with a built in transponder that could unlock the car and fire up its engine. The two luxury marques have since released several timepieces, the latest being...

  • Spyker Timepiece Collection
    Spyker Launches Exclusive Timepiece Collection In Time For Christmas

    Joining the big boys like Ferrari and Bugatti, both of which have their own respective line of luxury timepieces, Dutch sports car company Spyker has just revealed its own timepiece collection, coinciding with celebrations for the brand’s 24 Hours of Le Mans participation. Designed and...

  • Ferrari Paddock Chronograph series
    Ferrari Releases Exclusive 'Paddock' Chronograph Range

    A new line of Ferrari chronograph watches is now available exclusively from the automaker’s online store and is likely to sell out quickly since only 299 units are planned. The watch range is the new Ferrari Paddock Chronograph, which pays homage to Italy and comprises three chronographs...

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