Jay Leno looks at Bianci Watches

Jay Leno looks at Bianci Watches

Your wristwatch can say a lot about you as a person. Rolex? Traditional topsider type. Casio? Hipster. TAG Heuer? Leonardo DiCaprio.

Now, a new line of watches wants to tell the world that you're a gearhead -- and it's got Jay Leno on its side.

The line is called Bianci, and one glance at its "Pro Racing Watch" series reveals design inspirations rooted in high-performance automobiles. The bright racing colors, the big faces, and the rugged looks scream "motorsports". Though currently available in stainless steel only, the company will soon offer a dressier leather band, and even a rubber one, embossed with tire treads.

Perhaps the nicest thing about the Bianci lineup is its price-point. Most watches with similar features and style would run well into the four figures, but the Pro Racing Watches are priced between $300 and $364. Not bad, if you're a watch hound.

Jay Leno seems to be a big fan of the line, as we learned from recent installment of Jay Leno's Garage. In honor of that fact, the company is offering a 20% discount on orders of Pro Racing Watches that use the special code "Leno20". That'll cut the price of your $300 watch to $240.

Have a look at the clip below, and if you're so inclined, head over to Bianci Watches for a look at the real things.

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Leno Features Racing Watches and Offers Coupon

Leno features Bianci Watches- Pro Racing Collection, "Car Watches, Built for Car Guys." 

NBC celebrity and long time host of the Tonight Show, Jay Leno, features the new Bianci Watches Pro Racing collection on his popular website, jaylenosgarage.com. In Leno’s world famous garage, he interviews motorsports brand ambassador, Scotty Casbere, who helps Leno inspect the watches and later offers a coupon code.

Bianci Watches’ Pro Racing collection is built by car guys for car guys: big and tough. These watches seem to embody the look and feel of custom American Muscle automobiles like many in Leno’s collection. It is very fitting for Leno and Casbere to showcase the watches right in Leno’s garage because they are assembled like a car is customized. According to the site, these are “designed for the man who likes the feel of professional racing on his wrist.”

Together, they describe the origin of the Bianci Brand and the connection with Pro Racing, bringing the story full circle. Leno jokingly corrects Casbere and states that the battery life lasts about 5 years. These watches use Swiss movements, Sapphire Crystal, and 316 stainless steel. They are also priced around $300, or $240 with a 20% off coupon for Jay Leno Fans.

Leno is known for his enthusiasm about cars and things related to cars, so he has developed a strong following of auto-fans through his online social media sites. Leno loves to collect and show off his 200 vehicles, each unique and expensive. His collection is currently ranked one of the most prestigious in the world.    

Bianci Watches manufacturers designer style watches and from their site, “incorporates Italian design together with Swiss Movements…We start by pleasing the customer and move backwards to design and fruition.” This is apparent in the fashion in which they designed these watches based around car enthusiasts.

The offer can be used by ordering with coupon code “Leno20” here: http://bianciwatches.com/sports-racing-watches.html