We’ve seen plenty of luxurious watches here at MotorAuthority and while most of these are priced at a level few mortals can afford, sometimes we come across some cool models that won’t break the bank. One of these is the latest Scuderia Ferrari Carbon Chrono, now available via Ferrari’s online store.

The special edition watch is priced at €490 (approximately $712) and is limited to the matte black color you see here.

As its name suggests, the Scuderia Ferrari Carbon Chrono features a carbon fiber dial, which hides a Swiss made chronograph sitting inside a satin-finished stainless steel case. This case has a unique PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating, a technique used for the manufacture of firearms, and features the famous Ferrari Prancing Horse logo on the back.

The strap is a genuine leather band finished in black with contrasting grey stitching.

The watches from the Scuderia series differ in both concept and look from those in other Ferrari collections. Nevertheless, the same painstaking craftsmanship is put into the watches, just as Ferrari puts into its supercars, so at this price we think the latest Scuderia Ferrari Carbon Chrono is a great piece.

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