Porsche Design Indicator watch

Porsche Design Indicator watch

While it’s not quite as expensive as the diamond-encrusted $2.9 million Hublot BB, $270,000 for a watch is still mighty expensive when you consider what else can be bought for the money. But then again, the people buying such lavish items don’t normally think in the same way that you or I do when it comes to spending their cash.

We’re talking about the Porsche Design Indicator, a limited edition watch made from a mix of 18 karat gold, titanium and rubber, and is available today at the Porsche Design store in the United Arab Emirates’ Dubai Mall.

Only 50 of the Indicator series of watches will be built, and of these only 11 will be the range-topping variant you see here.

Special features of the watch include its titanium face and rubber straps designed to resemble the tires on an actual Porsche car. The face includes a stop watch and second timer, and a dial turns from green to red when the watch runs low on power.

According to its sellers, the watches appeal to wealthy individuals who want to look unique. For them, the worst thing would be to walk down the street and see someone with the same watch.

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