Porsche is celebrating is 70th anniversary in several ways. It's making a big splash by taking its most advanced race car on a track-time-destroying world tour, and it's preparing its first all-electric model for production. And on a personal level, Porsche is offering a fancy new wristwatch for those who want to remember this celebration on their own time (pun intended).

Created by Porsche Design, the 1919 Datetimer 70Y Sports Car is a limited edition 42 mm watch powered by a Swiss movement. The outside features a titanium case, and the black and grey dial is protected by sapphire crystal. The movement is the Swiss Sellita SW 200-1, which offers not only the standard hours, minutes, and seconds, but also includes the date. This automatic watch has a power reserve of up to 38 hours.

The face sports a clean aesthetic that arises from the use of the familiar Porsche font. Anything from Porsche Design carries such a simple and elegant visual appeal. Above the "6" sits a silhouette of the Porsche 356 and the date 1948. That would be the year Porsche got its first road car into production, and that's what this watch is meant to honor.

A limited-edition watch, Porsche is only offering 1,948 examples for sale. Sadly, the price isn't also $1,948. It's not that much higher, though, with a retail price of $3,248. That's quite surprising when you consider that Porsche Design loves sticking ridiculous price tags on otherwise standard items, like this $3,500 soundbar, or these $1,100 sunglasses. By comparison, a Swiss-movement, limited-edition watch for $3,248 is downright reasonable, though a red watch band will run another $500.

If you really need to spend more money, buy a GT2 RS to qualify for another Porsche watch. It will keep time just as well, yet cost $15,000 more, not to mention the price of the car.