There are two ways you can look at the new Breitling for Bentley Ice Speed Record watch: it’s either the most expensive watch you’ll ever buy (but it comes with a free Bentley Supersports ‘Ice Speed Record’ Convertible), or it’s likely the only chance you’ll ever have to get a free Breitling watch.

The watch and Bentley’s Supersports ISR (for Ice Speed Record), you see, are inseparable. Buy the car, you you get a watch with the same production number. Want to buy the watch? You can’t, unless you buy the car.

The Bentley Supersports ISR will be built in an edition of 100, commemorating Juha Kankkunen’s record-setting dash to 205.48 miles per hour across Baltic Sea ice last winter. Each car comes with its own 1-of-100 Breitling chronographs, designed to capture design cues (red detailing, dashboard-styled dial with carbon-fiber face) from the Supersports ISR itself.

The watch uses a Breitling Calibre 27B self-winding movement, and is chronometer certified by the COSC. The titanium case is engraved to commemorate Breitling’s partnership with Bentley, and the carbon-fiber presentation box itself has a unique identification plaque.

We haven’t seen pricing for the Bentley Supersports ISR convertible, but you can bet it will sell for more than the base $280,400 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible. On the plus side, if you do buy one, the newly available Bentley Spikes-Spider winter tire chain system makes an excellent gift suggestion for your better half.