Rezvani Beast

  • 2024 Rezvani Beast

    Rezvani has revealed a new generation of its Beast sports car based on the chassis of the C8 Corvette.

  • 2023 Rezvani Beast teaser
    New Rezvani Beast lands in 2024 with more than 1,000 hp

    Rezvani is ready to launch a new Beast, 10 years after the original made its debut.

  • 2018 Rezvani Beast Alpha X Blackbird
    Rezvani Beast Alpha X Blackbird lands with 700 horsepower

    California's Rezvani is back with another crazy creation from its Beast line of sports cars. The latest is a 700-horsepower version of the Beast Alpha that appropriately is dubbed the Beast Alpha X Blackbird. The Beast Alpha cars are based on Lotus Elise chassis, instead of Ariel Atom chassis like...

  • 2018 Rezvani Beast Alpha
    Rezvani cuts Beast Alpha price in half

    The Rezvani Beast Alpha is now priced at $95,000, a full $105,000 less than it did when the vehicle debuted at the 2016 Los Angeles auto show. The Alpha is the removable hardtop version of the Beast, though instead of using a donor Ariel Atom chassis the Alpha relies on the chassis of a Lotus...

  • 2017 Rezvani Beast Alpha
    Watch the Rezvani Beast Alpha’s 'sidewinder' doors in action

    Californian sports car startup Rezvani in November unveiled a new model called the Beast Alpha whose hallmark feature is a new type of door design called “sidewinder” doors. The name is derived from the fact the doors remain parallel to the body as they are moved outwards. Each of the...

  • 2017 Rezvani Beast Alpha
    2017 Rezvani Beast Alpha debuts with ‘sidewinder’ doors

    In 2015, we got the chance to jump behind the wheel of a coachbuilt car based on the Ariel Atom that's called the Beast. It’s produced by California’s Rezvani Motors, which bears the name of company founder Ferris Rezvani, and already there are versions offering 300, 500 and even 700...

  • Rezvani Beast Alpha teaser

    If that wind in your face feeling isn't always your cup of tea, coachbuilder Rezvani will soon offer the ultimate ultra light weight sports car, this time with a roof attached. Rezvani hasn't released many details yet about the car known as Beast Alpha, but the company says it will be a targa version of its Beast Speedster. Just what that means for the targa roof is up for some speculation, however, as we aren't sure yet if it will use a cloth or a composite removable panel above the passenger compartment. Like the original Beast, the Alpha will no doubt ride on the Ariel Atom's tubular...

  • Jay Leno behind the wheel of a Rezvani Beast
    Jay Leno Drives The 500-Horsepower Rezvani Beast: Video

    We wouldn’t be surprised if Jay Leno has driven more cars than anyone else on the planet, but even he is still thoroughly impressed with the Beast from American sports car startup Rezvani. It’s the Ariel Atom-based, carbon fiber-bodied mean machine with a power-to-weight ratio...

  • 2016 Rezvani Beast X
    700-Horsepower Rezvani Beast X Unleashed

    During our recent first drive of Rezvani’s entry-level Beast Speedster, we learned that the company was working on a much more extreme model packing as much as 700 horsepower. This week, the Californian sports car startup’s Beast lineup was expanded with the new Beast X. At the heart of...

  • 2016 Rezvani Beast Speedster
    2016 Rezvani Beast Speedster is seriously wild

    Yesterday, we told you all about the new Rezvani Beast Speedster in our full first drive report. It's a 300-horsepower exotic machine with the heart of an Ariel Atom underneath it's carbon fiber skin. There are no doors, no roof, and no side or rear windows. There's also no power steering, power...

  • 2016 Rezvani Beast Speedster
    2016 Rezvani Beast Speedster first drive review

    Remember when you used to order your chassis or vehicular platform, and then find someone else to build your body? No? That's not a surprise because the art of coachbuilt cars has faded away a bit. They're still out there but they're typically extremely rare play things of the rich that are meant...

  • 2016 Rezvani Beast Speedster
    Rezvani Launches Tamer, More Affordable Beast Speedster

    Californian sports car startup Rezvani has launched a new version of its Beast street-legal track car, one that’s slightly less of a beast in character than the original and slightly less expensive to boot. The new version is called the Beast Speedster, and it’s on sale now priced from...

  • 2015 Rezvani Beast

    It was only in June that Californian startup Rezvani finalized specs for its first product, the Ariel Atom-based Beast track car, but the company has already managed to secure a celebrity owner: Chris Brown. The singer’s choice of cars is about as varied as his wardrobe, with everything from a Bugatti Veyron to a Land Rover Range Rover to even a Dodge Viper among his collection. Now we can add the 500-horsepower Rezvani Beast. DON'T MISS: Spoiled Son Sets Fire To Gifted Ferrari In Order To Upgrade To New Model This video from YouTube user Charm Brittian shows Brown taking delivery of...

  • 2015 Rezvani Beast
    500-Horsepower Rezvani Beast Revealed In The Carbon Fiber: Video

    When we first heard about Californian startup Rezvani and its plans for a new track-focused sports car called the Beast, we didn’t have high hopes for the company considering its founder Ferris Rezvani’s links with two previous failed sports car projects: the Bulleta RF22 and Volarra...

  • 2015 Rezvani Beast
    Rezvani Beast Debuts With Ariel Atom Lightness, Supercar Looks

    The Ariel Atom has long been an object of desire for track fiends, but its utterly minimalist nature can limit its appeal to the average passerby. The Rezvani Beast aims to change that, with dramatic exterior styling that bridges the gulf between track star and supercar. MUST SEE: 1,000-HP...

  • Teaser for Rezvani’s Beast supercar
    California’s Rezvani Releases Second Teaser For New Sports Car

    An automotive design and manufacturing firm based in Irvine, California that we’re sure few have heard of has come out with a new teaser for a sports car it claims to be working on. The company is Rezvani Automotive Designs, a company previously linked with the designs of pieces of vaporware...

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