Yesterday, we told you all about the new Rezvani Beast Speedster in our full first drive report. It's a 300-horsepower exotic machine with the heart of an Ariel Atom underneath it's carbon fiber skin. There are no doors, no roof, and no side or rear windows. There's also no power steering, power brakes, or traction control. To say this is our kind of machine is an understatement.

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We took the Beast Speedster for a spin around the streets of Irvine, California. It's not the ideal place to dip into the performance capability of such a car, but we're not going to pass up the chance to take it for a spin. We also brought our cameras along to capture the occasion.

Watch our First Drive of the Rezvani Beast Speedster above. Stay tuned as well because we're going to get a chance to drive the 500-hp Beast in the coming months. Still not enough for you? Well, we hear that a 700-hp Beast X is also in the hopper.