An automotive design and manufacturing firm based in Irvine, California that we’re sure few have heard of has come out with a new teaser for a sports car it claims to be working on. The company is Rezvani Automotive Designs, a company previously linked with the designs of pieces of vaporware like the Bulleta RF22 and Volarra GT. The company’s founder, Iranian-born Fardees Rezvani, also claims to have been involved with the design of the Sarthe supercar from Dutch firm Vencer, which has managed to make it to production.

Hopefully Rezvani’s latest project is also a success. It's called the Beast and will benefit from lightweight racing technologies and a powerful engine. Look for carbon fiber construction, a conventional six-speed manual transmission, and limited electronic interference to the driving experience. Rezvani wants the car to offer the purest of driving experiences.

No other details have been released but the teasers show what appears to be a very futuristic design. We can see a side mirror, part of a front fender, and what is likely to be exposed suspension. The latter suggests the Beast may be more of a track car like the BAC Mono and KTM X-Bow than a proper supercar, as they also feature the same exposed suspension design.

A reveal of the Rezvani Beast is scheduled to take place later this year.

Teaser for Rezvani’s Beast supercar

Teaser for Rezvani’s Beast supercar


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