It was only in June that Californian startup Rezvani finalized specs for its first product, the Ariel Atom-based Beast track car, but the company has already managed to secure a celebrity owner: Chris Brown.

The singer’s choice of cars is about as varied as his wardrobe, with everything from a Bugatti Veyron to a Land Rover Range Rover to even a Dodge Viper among his collection. Now we can add the 500-horsepower Rezvani Beast.

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This video from YouTube user Charm Brittian shows Brown taking delivery of the car. The delivery took place while the singer was filming a music video for his new song Liquor which will feature the car.

Though it’s yet to be confirmed, it’s thought Brown got his hands on the very first Beast to enter production. While it normally takes 8-12 weeks for Rezvani to complete the car, TMZ reports that Brown paid $35,000 on top of the $165,000 sticker price in order to take immediately delivery. Apparently he wanted to beat his pal Tyga to the punch.

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In case you’ve forgotten, the Rezvani Beast weighs just 1,650 pounds thanks to its lightweight construction, which includes a body made almost completely from carbon fiber. With 500 hp generated from a supercharged and turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, the Beast will rocket to 60 mph from rest in just 2.7 seconds.


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