Toyota on Thursday provided the first look at a new three-row SUV currently in the works and destined for production in the U.S.

The SUV has been confirmed as the Grand Highlander, and it's set to make its debut on Feb. 8 at the 2023 Chicago auto show. The Grand Highlander will likely go on sale later in 2023, as a 2024 model.

A single teaser shot shows the vehicle's tailgate. The Grand Highlander name is featured prominently below a Toyota badge, and lower down the tailgate are “Hybrid MAX” and “Platinum” badges, which refer to the powertrain and trim level, respectively.

2023 Toyota Crown

2023 Toyota Crown

The Hybrid MAX badge is a reference to Toyota's performance hybrid powertrain that debuted in the 2023 Crown. Available exclusively in the top Platinum trim in the case of the Crown, the powertrain combines a 2.4-liter turbo-4 with a pair of electric motors for a total of 340 hp.

Toyota has also previously confirmed the new SUV will seat up to eight, and be aimed at young, active families.

Prototypes spotted in the wild point to some styling features shared with the smaller Highlander. The two vehicles will also share a production site, in this case Toyota's plant in Princeton, Indiana. The plant is also earmarked to build a three-row Lexus SUV, a vehicle that will likely be a twin under the skin with the Grand Highlander. Rumors point to the Lexus being called a TX.