There's a new HondaJet in town, and it's ready to coddle passengers with more creature comforts and take them further.

Honda unveiled the new HondaJet Elite on Sunday and confirmed the aircraft's capability to travel 1,437 nautical miles.

The latest iteration in the HondaJet line includes additional sound deadening for the engine to create a quieter cabin, automatic stability and protection functions to enhance flight safety. As for the creature comforts, the aircraft features a "speaker-less" sound system inside the cabin. Rather than speakers, parts of the interior themselves will vibrate to create sound. There's also a new galley with a built-in coffee bar and two-tone leather seats. Finally, just in case of turbulence, the restroom now features a seatbelt for the toilet.

Honda said in the announcement that the added range reflects a 17 percent improvement over the previous aircraft with the capability to travel an additional 246 miles. In addition to the added range, Honda said the HondaJet Elite is the most fuel-efficient craft in its class while maintaining best-in-class speed and altitude.

The HondaJet Elite will be on display at the 2018 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland from May 28-31. The company did not provide details on pricing, but don't expect the Elite model to come cheaply. The original HondaJet went on sale last decade with a $3.65 million price tag.