• HondaJet Elite

    There's a new HondaJet in town, and it's ready to coddle passengers with more creature comforts and take them further. Honda unveiled the new HondaJet Elite on Sunday and confirmed the aircraft's capability to travel 1,437 nautical miles. The latest iteration in the HondaJet line includes additional sound deadening for the engine to create a quieter cabin, automatic stability and protection functions to enhance flight safety. As for the creature comforts, the aircraft features a "speaker-less" sound system inside the cabin. Rather than speakers, parts of the interior themselves will vibrate...

  • HondaJet aircraft takes its maiden flight
    HondaJet Aircraft Takes Its Maiden Flight

    Honda is as much known for its engines as it is vehicles, and it seems to matter little what those engines actually go in. Sporty little Civic? No problem. Crazy six-cylinder, 250cc 1960s Grand Prix bike? Yep. Ride-on lawn mower? That too. Honda also does aircraft, and its first one, the HondaJet...

  • Martin P12 jet pack.
    For When A Supercar Isn't Enough: Martin P12 Jet Pack Available In 2014

    Martin Aircraft Company's flying machine isn't actually jet-powered, but it is pretty cool.

  • 2012 Audi A6 aluminum and steel construction
    Aero Aluminum Alloy To Compete With Composites, Due In Cars?

    Low weight is the golden goose of automotive technology. Everyone wants it because it brings about improvements in virtually all areas - performance, economy, handling - but engineering a car with lower weight than the one that preceeded it is difficult to do. Customers want safer, quieter and...

  • Maverick Sport flying car
    Traffic Jams? No Problems With FAA-Approved Flying Car

    There's always an irony to dual-purpose vehicles - amphibious cars, flying cars - which is that in the quest to master two disciplines, they usually end up being heavily compromised, and often just totally useless at both. Amphibious cars are generally passable in the water provided they don't...

  • HondaJet goes on sale
    HondaJet Goes On Sale

    Honda has begun taking orders for its new jet aircraft that they claim will revolutionize the private jet industry. Production is slated for a 2010 start with an expected output of 70 jets per year. However, Honda will be evaluating the popularity of its new jet, and will adjust volume levels as...

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