The Camaro is turning 50 this year and Chevrolet is celebrating with a series of events and appearances, as well as a couple of videos featuring commercial and promotional footage from throughout the car's history. One of those videos is short and sweet, but we prefer the 18-minute montage showing full ads from every generation of Chevy's pony car.

The Bugatti Royale may be the most valuable car in the world. Launched into the teeth of the Great Depression, it was a car meant, literally, for royalty. We know that six of these very exclusive cars exist, along with two exacting replicas. Now there is a seventh car (or should it be ninth?) as a Dutchman discovered the remains of the original prototype and spent 15 years re-creating it.

Dual-clutch transmissions are becoming more and more popular, and they aren't just for sports cars anymore. Our friend Jason Fenske at Engineering Explained takes a look at the 5 things you shouldn't do with a dual-clutch transmission in an informative video.

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