The classic Mini Cooper is a very cool old machine. The Honda K-Series engine, which powered Hondas and Acuras this centruy, is a stout, fun powerplant. Apparently, when you combine the two you don't lose any of the charm of either but rather gain an ultra-compact machine hellbent on popping wheelies and ripping up dragstrips. Exhibit A can be seen here, and we're already in love with the idea of the car before we even hit the play button.

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According to the video description, high winds forces this quarter-mile strip to cut things back to an eighth mile. Still, you get to see one full pull of the car in the beginning of the video, and it's a 10-second machine. After that, the car is running the 1/8th but it's also fighting to keep its nose down on the ground.

The driver gets some great lift in first gear. It also appears that the nose actually wants to come back up when the driver shifts into second. There's another much smaller hop at third gear as well. It's almost as if this Mini wishes it could take to the sky. It doesn't do that, thankfully. Instead buckles down and rips off sub-7-second 1/8th-mile passes.

Honda and an original Mini...a match made in car wheelie heaven.


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