Here's one way to ensure that your kids are never late for school again. An Indiana man recently hit 367 mph in his jet-powered school bus, according to the New York Post, proving that just about anything can be made to go fast with enough power.

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Dubbed "School Time," the bus was built from the ground up by Paul Stender and a team called the Indy Boys. Not surprisingly, stock school-bus components couldn't stand up to the power of a jet engine, necessitating all of the custom work.

That engine is a General Electric J-79, the kind used in Cold War-era F-104 Starfighter and F-4 Phantom II fighter planes. In addition to launching the school bus to ludicrous speeds, the engine can shoot 80-foot flames from its afterburners.

Of course, practicality does suffer a bit. The jet is thirsty, consuming up to 150 gallons of fuel per run. It also takes up so much room that only three people can ride the bus to terminal velocity.

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There is a serious point behind all this, though. While he built the bus to entertain people, Stender also hopes it will encourage kids to stay away from drugs by inspiring to take up the automotive hobby.

Clearly, there need to be more outlandish jet vehicles running around America's drag strips and runways. It's a public service.

To see School Time in action, check out the video below of it lighting fires back in 2010.


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