Following actor and car enthusiast Paul Walker’s untimely death last year, his final starring role in the Fast & Furious series will soon reach theaters in the form of the seventh installment, Furious 7.

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Sure to be chock full of all the over-the-top chases, races, and crashes the series has built its legend on, the seventh film promises to be another rollicking—if rather unrealistic—car-fueled ride through the criminal underground and its nexus with unconventional law enforcement methods and personnel.

This trailer gives us a look back at the road that has taken us to Furious 7. The official trailer preview of the coming film will launch November 1.

Some of the scenes in the movie itself may be CGI versions of the late actor, while others may feature Walker’s brothers, Cody and Caleb. According to Universal Studio, Walker had already filmed the bulk of his role, including action and dramatic scenes, leaving only a few gaps to be filled by the digital or fraternal stand-ins.


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