After years of attempts, remote-control car enthusiast Nic Case has finally built a car that passed 200 mph, possibly setting a new land speed record for R/C cars. We’re not talking scale but actual speed here, meaning Case’s R/C car, nicknamed the Bullet, will be able to put many life-sized high-performance cars to shame.

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According to ROSSA, the Radio Operated Scale Speed Association, a group that sanctions speed trials in the world of R/C cars, Case’s car hit a top speed of 202.02 mph. The speed hasn’t been recognized by Guinness World Records yet but it’s likely only a matter of time—Case was previously given the land speed record for R/C cars when one of his cars hit a top speed of 134.4 mph.

Case says that his latest car uses a custom chassis, body and tires, plus many off-the-shelf parts for the electric drivetrain.

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We wonder what top speed he'll achieve next.


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