A new generation of the Ford Mustang arrived for the 2024 model year, and the folks at Saleen have now turned it into a 302.

The Southern California engineering and motorsports company has added unique styling inside and out, as well as the performance to back up the new looks.

Like the outgoing 302 based on the sixth-generation Mustang, the new one offers a trio of performance stages, all using the Mustang's 5.0-liter V-8 as the basis.

The range starts with the White Label, which offers 510 hp and is priced from $61,900. Next up is the Yellow Label, which adds a supercharger to extract 745 hp. It's priced from $81,900. At the top of the range is the Black Label, which also uses a supercharger and combines this with bigger fuel injectors to boost output to 800 hp. Prices for the Black Label start at $89,700.

2024 Saleen 302 Mustang Black Label

2024 Saleen 302 Mustang Black Label

Other performance upgrades include a tuned suspension featuring Saleen's Racecraft-branded components, plus improved aerodynamics, a Saleen brake package, and Saleen wheels measuring 20 inches front and back.

For the exterior, there are custom designs for the the fascias, fenders, hood, rear spoiler, and rear three-quarter windows. It's a wild design that makes even Ford's Mustang Dark Horse appear conservative in comparison.

The cars also feature custom interiors, including Saleen's own steering wheel, shift knob, dash trim, and more.

Buyers have a choice between the Mustang's 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic transmissions, as well as between coupe or convertible bodies. Order books are open. Saleen hasn't said when the first customer deliveries will begin.