• Saleen S7 Le Mans shown at Saleen launch in China

    Thanks to a Chinese partner, the Saleen S7 supercar is set to return once again, this time with 1,500 horsepower.

  • Saleen launch in China
    Saleen launches in China with revived S7 supercar, SUV, and electric minicar

    Saleen has been launched in China as a potential Porsche rival.

  • 2019 Saleen 35th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang
    Saleen celebrates 35 years with commemorative 2019 Mustang

    Saleen celebrates 35 trips around the sun this year, and it's marking the occasion with a Mustang-based special edition. The car is appropriately called the SA 35, for Saleen Automotive 35, and just 10 examples will be built. These days, Saleen is actually an automobile manufacturer, but the...

  • Saleen Sporttruck XR
    Saleen Sportruck XR is a hotter 700-plus-horsepower F-150 Raptor

    Saleen Automotive, the California company best known for modifying Ford Mustangs and producing the S7 supercar, has a new creation: the Saleen Sportruck XR. Think of it as a hotter Ford F-150 Raptor. The Sportruck XR made its debut at Harris Ford Lincoln in Lynnwood, Washington, last Friday after a...

  • Saleen S7 Le Mans
    Saleen S7 LM revealed with 1,300 horsepower, $1M price tag

    Saleen doesn’t quite have the status of being a household name say, for example, like Shelby, but the company has been in the limelight on a number of occasions. In fact, its flagship product, the S7 supercar, has appeared onscreen several times, most notably in 2003’s “Bruce...

  • Saleen S1, 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show
    Saleen reveals S1 sports car, plans Chinese production

    Saleen hasn’t had standalone car in its lineup since the S7 supercar went out of production in 2009. That all changed at this week’s 2017 Los Angeles auto show where Saleen took the covers off the new S1 sports car. The S1 actually made its world debut in China on November 8. It’s...

  • Saleen 302 Black Label Mustang 30-Year Championship Commemorative Edition

    Saleen hasn’t always been a manufacturer and tuner of high-performance cars. Back in 1986, just three years after the company was founded, Saleen entered the SCCA/Escort Endurance Championship with a version of its Saleen Mustang prepped for motorsport duty. One year later, Saleen took home the series’ Driver, Manufacturer, Team, and Tire titles. Saleen is now celebrating the 30th anniversary of winning the series with a special version of its 302 Black Label Mustang. And it’s once again partnered with the tire manufacture that helped secure the win all those years ago...

  • Teaser for Saleen S7 Le Mans
    Saleen to build 7 more S7 supercars

    Saleen may be strapped for cash these days but the company continues to churn out cars. On Saturday the company announced a new production run of its S7 supercar which originally ceased production in 2006, suggesting there were no takers for the rights of the car as well as some remaining chassis...

  • 2008 Saleen S5S Raptor Concept
    Own the rights to the Saleen S7 and S5S supercars

    The Saleen S7 was one of the automotive highlights of the early 21st century, a rare instance where a small American firm managed to take on the established European players. It was only made between 2000 and 2004, but now there's an opportunity to own not just an example of this rare beast, but...

  • 2015 Saleen 302 Black Label Mustang
    Saleen Shows Off Its 2015 302 Black Label Mustang

    If there's any company out there that should know how to tune up a new Mustang, it's the folks at Saleen. Yes, it's been awhile since we've had a true S-badged bruiser roaming the streets. Now though, it looks like the time has come to welcome an all-new super Stang from the house that Steve built...

  • Saleen logo
    Saleen on the verge of bankruptcy?

    Vehicle tuner Saleen looks to be in some serious financial trouble, with a recent quarterly report filed by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealing the dire situation. According to the report, Saleen had just $7,261 in cash as of September 30, 2014, and liabilities...

  • 2015 Saleen ST based on the Tesla Model S
    Saleen Renames Its Modified Tesla Model S The ST

    It was back in August that Saleen first unveiled its modified Tesla Model S, which the company had named a FourSixteen in reference to the donor Model S P85’s 416-horsepower rating. But just a few months later Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] introduced its own 691-hp Model S P85D as the replacement...

  • 2015 Saleen S302 Mustang

    Following yesterday’s release of a teaser shot of its 2015 S302 Mustang, Saleen has now released all the tasty specs and announced that it’s started taking orders for the car. The 2015 S302 Mustang is Saleen’s first take on the 2015 Ford Mustang, and having tuned Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] products for decades you can bet Saleen’s offerings for the sixth-generation car will be some of the best in the business. MUST SEE: This Is What The 2015 Ford Mustang Might Have Looked Like The S302 is due to be revealed in full later this year (we’re guessing in the lead up...

  • Teaser for 2015 Saleen S302 Mustang
    2015 Saleen S302 Mustang Teased Further In New Video

    Although Saleen’s focus of late has been in modifying the Tesla Model S, the firm hasn’t forgotten the nameplate that put it on the map: Mustang. For the latest generation of the iconic muscle car, Saleen is reviving its S302 badge, and after July’s early look at the all-new 2015...

  • Saleen Foursixteen based on the Tesla Model S
    Watch The Tesla Model S-Based Saleen Foursixteen Burn Rubber: Video

    Whether you like it or not, the performance car of the future will feature some form of electrification for its drivetrain. And in some cases, there won’t be any internal combustion engine whatsoever. That doesn’t mean the aggressive sound performance cars are known for will be...

  • Saleen FourSixteen based on the Tesla Model S
    Saleen’s Modified Model S, The FourSixteen, Debuts At Pebble Beach Concours

    After first announcing plans for an electric car last December, Saleen Automotive has finally revealed its zero-emission project, a modified version of the Tesla Model S dubbed the Saleen FourSixteen. Saleen, made famous by a string of high-performance Ford Mustangs as well as its own S7 supercar...

  • Saleen FourSixteen based on the Tesla Model S
    Tesla Model S-Based Saleen FourSixteen Heads To Pebble Beach

    Saleen's modified Tesla is called the FourSixteen.

  • Teaser for 2015 Saleen S302 Mustang
    2015 Saleen S302 Mustang: First Image

    Saleen has been building high-performance custom Mustangs for decades now, and fans of the tuned muscle cars will be keen to know that the next generation of the car will receive the same treatment. This is the first image of the Saleen S302. Released today, the image shows the car’s dramatic...

  • Saleen Tesla Model S

    So far, electric vehicles haven't really caught the imagination of tuners in the way their combustion counterparts have. Aside from the occasional NISMO-tweaked Nissan Leaf or Brabus-fettled Smart Electric Drive, electric cars have been left well alone. Ever since Saleen announced it was developing an electric vehicle though, we've been intrigued to see the results. Even more so, when the company revealed its first electric vehicle would be based on the Tesla Model S--and now the company has released official sketches of the upgraded electric sedan. DON'T MISS: 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06...

  • 2005 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, Los Angeles Auto Show
    Saleen taking S7 supercar to Beijing auto show, will offer it for sale

    If you ever wanted to get your hands on a brand new Saleen S7, you’ll have your chance at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show next month. Yes, Saleen has confirmed it will be taking one of the all-American supercars to the show to help spearhead its launch in the Chinese market, and will be offering...

  • Tesla Model S
    Saleen To Build High-Performance Custom Tesla Model S

    Saleen Automotive, the well-known but at times embattled empire of Steve Saleen, has announced it will build a high-performance version of a new car. No, it's not the 2015 Ford Mustang (not yet, anyway). It's the Tesla Model S. The upcoming Saleen Model S will be the company's first foray into...

  • Saleen S302 2011 Ford Mustang GT
    Saleen Confirms Electric Car Development

    Now that Steve Saleen, founder of tuning firm Saleen Automotive and creator of the original Saleen S7 supercar, has won back the right to the legal use of his name on new products, the former racer-turned-automotive-entrepreneur is keen to get back to what he loves doing most, building some of the...

  • 2005 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, Los Angeles Auto Show
    Saleen’s new supercar to be called the S8

    Saleen’s S7 supercar of the previous decade will spawn a successor in the next two years, and it will be called the “S8” (assuming there is no conflict with Audi and its own S8). The information was revealed by Saleen CEO and founder Steve Saleen during the recent Los Angeles Auto...

  • Saleen 620 Camaro
    Saleen Announces 30th Anniversary SA-30 Models

    Steve Saleen will celebrate 30 years in the tuning business with limited-edition Camaros, Challengers, and Mustangs.

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