The Saleen S7 is like a horror movie serial killer that the protagonist just can't kill.

Jiangsu Secco Automobile Technology Corporation, which is overseeing Saleen's launch in China as a high-volume performance brand, has announced the nearly 20-year old supercar will once again return, but with even more incredible specs.

Recall, the S7 bowed in 2000. The original car made 550 horsepower, though a pair of turbos attached to Ford's 7.0-liter Windsor V-8 in 2005 pushed that to 750 hp. In 2017, Saleen launched an S7 Le Mans version, limited to just seven units and promised with 1,300 hp.

Now, Saleen has shown a new S7 Le Mans with 1,500 horsepower, or enough to hit a claimed top speed of 298 mph. Oh, and 0-62 mph will happen in 2.2 seconds, supposedly. Production will be limited, but whether that means 7 or 70 cars, we don't know.

The return of the S7 is meant to bolster Saleen's launch in China, which took place at Beijing's Bird's Nest stadium and was attended by Saleen founder and namesake Steve Saleen, British actor Jason Statham, and a number of local celebrities. There, Saleen also showed off the current S1 sports car alongside new models that included a 400-hp SUV and an electric minicar.