Jet engines are wonderful tools that helped make the planet a smaller and more accessible place. As the world entered the "Jet Age", trips to New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, and other hubs of the world were transformed from leaps to mere hops.

Today, the jet engine is still hard at work as companies like Boeing and Airbus enhance and refine their own offerings. Flights are faster, more efficient, and more comfortable as the engines that power these sleek machines are made better with each new generation. The jet engine is truly a modern marvel that has helped shape the world as we know it.

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It's also used for making large trucks go incredibly fast, and for lighting things on fire.

The Jet Truck, seen in the video above, recently put on a rather bright display that put the attending drag racing crowd on its feet. Trotted out at night, the jet truck illuminated the night sky... and then torched the large sign behind it. After that it was time for a trip down the strip, and that trip went by in just seven seconds. The engine utilized here is powerful enough to send this semi through the lights at over 210 miles per hour. That's frighteningly fast and it certainly makes for one heck of a show, especially when the sun goes down.

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We applaud all sorts of jet-engine applications, and this truck is no exception. No matter the number of wheels, a jet engine certainly ups the excitement ante. We hope this truck helps usher in a new Jet Age, filled with more flames and higher speeds. We salute you Mr. Jet Truck pilot.


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