Rally cars are a unique breed of vehicle that demand a high level of performance combined with a high level of abuse. Sure, other forms of racing take tolls on the vehicles competing, but rally cars are some of the hardest working machines on the planet.

That's why it's important to run a vehicle that's up to the task. One team in particular is prepping for the upcoming East-African Safari Rally, reports BangShift, which should prove to be particularly demanding. Their vehicle of choice? A 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport.

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Now, when we think rally cars the Corvette Grand Sport is somewhere very much near the bottom of our list of potential combatants. Our minds have changed, however, after watching Tachyon Motorsports shakedown video of their highly modified machine. This beast features a completely revised suspension and skid-plate protection. It's still sporting the traditional blue and white paint scheme, as well as the oh-so-cool side pipes, but it's clearly ready to do battle in arenas it never intended to visit.

The car will be driven in the East-African Safari Rally, which means the terrain will be the exact opposite of hospitable. From the shakedown video, you can see that the drivers will be ready for that as the rear suspension is clearly suited to soaking up serious bumps.

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The description from the video states that the car was running around 100 kph (62 mph) but it felt like they were cruising at just 50 kph. It certainly sounded like they were going faster than 50 kph because the noise coming form the side pipes is a sonorous growl that reminds you you're looking at a Corvette. Even if it's traveling over dirt and mud.

For all you fans of exotic machines and super-go-fast sports cars, you can keep your toys. This is our new favorite car on the planet because it can go anywhere and look good (and sound good) while doing so.


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