It was just over a year ago that revived electric car brand Detroit Electric revealed a Lotus-based sports car not unlike the original Tesla Roadster. The car was called the SP:01 and was said to be going on sale shortly after the debut with a starting price of $135,000.

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Since then, Detroit Electric has relocated its headquarters from Detroit to the Netherlands, although it still has a presence in the city whose name it bears, and it’s also picked a site in the U.K. for production of the SP:01. The first cars should be rolling off the line later this year.

This week, Detroit Electric revealed the final design of its SP:01, which the company said offers improved aerodynamic performance than the previous design. The key change is the introduction of a fastback configuration instead of the previous design’s flying buttresses. In addition to this, the designers have added a new wing and diffuser at the rear of the vehicle.

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Another important change is the introduction of protective composite casing for the battery. This also forms an integral part of the vehicle’s structure, helping to improve torsional rigidity.

Importantly, none of the changes affect Detroit Electric’s original performance claims for the car. Those claims include a 0-62 mph time of 3.7 seconds, a top speed of 155 mph and a driving range of about 180 miles.

Detroit Electric was formed in the early part of the last century in the city of its namesake but went under before the start of WWII and remained dormant until 2008 when former Lotus CEO Albert Lam plus a group of investors revived the company. The new Detroit Electric’s vision is to produce electric cars that seamlessly integrate refined aesthetics, innovative technology and superior handling and performance.


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