We know a hardcore, track-focused version of the Porsche Cayman is coming, and now we know that it is likely to be labeled a Cayman GT4 when it arrives sometime next year. That’s because a Cayman GT4 was listed as one of the eligible vehicles on the Porsche Driving Experience website.

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The listing has since been removed from the site, but not before a user of the Planet-9 forums took this screenshot. Unfortunately, the listing didn’t reveal any further details part from the fact that the GT4 will be the range-topper of the Cayman family, sitting above the base, S and GTS models.

However, we already have a good idea as to what to expect thanks to the previous sighting of prototypes. The car will essentially be to the Cayman family what the GT3 is to the 911, and it’s almost certain that a Cayman GT4-based race car will also be introduced.

Look for the road-going version to pack a flat-six engine delivering 380 horsepower or more. And compared to the standard Cayman, we should also the GT4 employ some weight-saving measures and feature more aggressive setups for the suspension and aero packages.

For more details, including additional spy shots of the Cayman GT4 prototype, click here.


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