The reborn Detroit Electric is becoming a truly global automaker—at least in terms of its conception and production. The firm still lists its headquarters in Motor City itself, but now has a European base in the Netherlands and has announced that production will take place in Leamington Spa in the U.K, in the heart of the country's auto industry.

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Production was originally slated for the Netherlands, but the Dutch center will instead handle the company's sales and marketing. At Leamington Spa, Detroit Electric intends to increase staff to 80 people by the end of the first quarter 2015. In other words, the company is growing—something backed up by recent additional investment. And in Detroit—from the 18th floor of the Fisher Building—the firm will handle finance and U.S. operations.

The two-seat SP:01 electric sports car is just the first of a family of all-electric cars Detroit Electric plans to build. Others on the horizon include an "electric 2+2 supercar" and a sedan, the latter of which will be engineered, developed and assembled in Michigan. That's if the company gets that far of course—early optimism is never a guarantee of success, but electric cars are arguably an easier sell now than they were a few years back when startups appeared and disappeared overnight.

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“We are custodians of an iconic electric vehicle brand," said Albert Lam, chairman and CEO of Detroit Electric, "and we intend to honor and carry forward its proud heritage of creating cutting-edge, innovative transport technologies." The company says sales should begin in Europe and Asia towards the end of 2014, with U.S. sales due to begin shortly after.


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