The idea of a Lexus GS Coupe, based on the 2013 GS Sedan, have been brewing since before the new GS made its debut at Pebble Beach last year. Now new rumors say it's coming, next year, and it could be wearing GS F badges.

While the idea seems simple enough--a two-door, four-seat version of the GS Sedan--the GS Coupe would be targeted toward an entirely different market. Part of the GS Coupe's job would be filling the gap left by the 2010 exit of the SC 430 from the Lexus lineup, says Inside Line, while another would be taking the fight to a segment the SC never seriously played in: BMW 6-Series/Audi S5/Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe territory.

That's a tall order, but given the positive reception of the 2013 GS Sedan among the press, it's certainly not out of the question.

Raising the stakes even higher, the coupe could come bearing a GS F designation, likely meaning a high-output V-8 drivetrain to boost the performance factor to a level on par with the faster end of the competitive spectrum. On the other hand, such a model would see limited sales at best--even in coupe terms--which argues for a V-6 or V-6 hybrid power source.

Whichever way the GS Coupe cookie crumbles, we'll be here to bring you the pieces. Look for an official release, if indeed it materializes, no earlier than the first quarter of 2013.