Building on the work of the geniuses at CryTek, creators of the new CryENGINE3 video game engine, BeamNG has found a way to model vehicle crashes with incredible realism--within the world where your character hacks, slashes, shoots, and otherwise causes mayhem.

The video, dug up from Reddit by Hooniverse, shows us a pickup truck with the approximate structural rigidity of a none-too-al-dente noodle cast in a Jell-O mold  (which is, frighteningly, itself very realistic) attacking a simple dynamics course, going head-on with a wall, rolling through the air, and more--all with very realistic-looking damage, deformation, and dynamics post-impact.

What does this mean for you, the automotive enthusiast? More incredible footage to generate in your favorite driving game--or even in games where driving is mosly incidental to the main plot line.

That might seem like a small thing, but anyone that's really into cars can understand how hard it is to stay immersed in the virtual world of a game when something so basic as vehicle dynamics and crashes are, in varying degrees, incredibly unrealistic.

Best of all, Zinklesmesh, the redditor who posted the video, says the physics behind the hyper-realistic crashes could be ported to other game engines. While it's not yet clear what this might mean for the immediate future of vehicle-inclusive video games, the possibilities are amazing.