Cadillac wants you to know that its upcoming ATS sedan is ready to take on BMW for compact-sport-sedan supremacy. It’s been leaking a steady stream of enthusiast-oriented videos on YouTube, but now it’s throwing down against BMW at the Super Bowl.

Its big game ad for the ATS doesn’t feature movie stars, talking dogs or mythical creatures; instead, it features the ATS (both with and without camouflage), Germany’s Nürburgring circuit, and a dramatic voiceover that tells us the car was built from the ground up to take on the BMW 3-Series.

We’ll reserve judgement on that until we have the opportunity to drive the ATS, but Cadillac is using its “The New Standard Of The World” claim an awful lot these days. We just hope that the ATS has the chops to back it up.

On a less serious note, Honda is rolling out Matthew Broderick to spoof his role in 1986’s “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and pitch the new CR-V. This time around, no Ferraris (or Ferrari replicas) are maimed in the shooting of the ad, but (sadly) Mia Sara is nowhere in sight.

While Broderick looks good for guy who played the ultimate teen slacker over 25 years ago, we’re not sure how the new CR-V fits into the live-for-the-moment, stop-and-smell the roses message of the original film. While we admire the CR-V’s do-(almost)-anything capabilities, we’d hardly call it an aspirational ride.

Honda does deserve credit for the subtle ties back to the 1986 film (like Broderick’s reemergence after the fadeout), so we’ve got to give its Super Bowl ad bonus points for effort.