Former Force India driver Adrian Sutil has been found guilty of “grievous bodily harm” by a German court for his altercation with Lotus F1 team co-owner Eric Lux.

The pair tangled in a Shanghai nightclub following last year’s Chinese Grand Prix.

Sutil claims he only meant to dump champagne on Lux’s head, but somehow Lux was cut on the neck by broken glass.

In an earlier recounting of events, Lux said, “I realized in the elevator what had just happened and I thought to myself, ‘now you have three minutes to live.’” Lux fully recovered from his injuries, but proceeded to press the assault charge against Sutil.

As Autosport reports, Sutil was found guilty of causing the neck injury to Lux with a champagne glass, and was given an 18-month suspended sentence. Sutil was also fined 200,000 euros ($263,560) for the assault, which will be donated to charity.

Even into the trial, the German driver maintained that his actions were accidental, and that he never meant to injure Lux. The Washington Post reports that Sutil had “tried everything” to settle with Lux before the verdict was issued, but his efforts were rebuffed.

Lux claims that all he really wanted was a face-to-face apology, which Sutil never offered.

Following the verdict, Sutil claimed to be relieved that the case was behind him and that, “I am in the clear with Eric Lux.” He may be in the clear, but Sutil’s prospects for any kind of ride in Formula 1 this season are growing dimmer by the minute.