Yesterday Tesla offered us a glimpse of its third model, the Model X electric crossover, but before that vehicle goes on sale the long-awaited 2012 Model S electric sedan needs to be launched.

Today Tesla released a new video featuring its chief designer Franz von Holzhausen and sales chief George Blankenship discussing the benefits of the Model S.

Engineers are currently in the process of quality testing and adding final touches to the car ahead of a sales launch this summer.

And when that day finally happens, Tesla is poised to completely change the game of electric car ownership, taking range up to 300 miles and performance into serious sport sedan range, all while packing as much luxury and tech--or more--as its rivals. Packing up to 85 kWh of battery, and capable of 0-60 mph times as low as 4.5 seconds in Performance trim, the Model S certainly hits its marks on electric utility and performance ability.

The car will come in several different flavors, with the base model coming with 160 miles of driving range and a starting price of $57,400 ($49,900 after tax credits). From here you can upgrade to a mid-level model with a 230-mile range or the top model with 300 miles of all-electric driving. A wide range of other options, including a panoramic glass roof, exterior colors, interior colors and materials, and more, are available as well.

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