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  • Lucid Air

    Peter Rawlinson was the lead engineer of the Tesla Model S and now he is CEO of the rival EV startup Lucid.

  • 2019 Tesla Model S
    Double down: Tesla Model S and X now go further with up to 370 miles of range

    Tesla's updates for the 2019 Model S and Model X include an increase in range for both models including as much as 370 miles for the Model S.

  • Tesla Model S catches fire in China
    Tesla investigators dispatched to China after Model S appears to spontaneously combust

    Tesla is investigating after parking garage video showed a Tesla Model S smoking then exploding into flames in Shanghai, China.

  • Tesla Model S-based Roamer RV concept
    Tesla Model S RV wants to make camping trips self-sustaining

    The Tesla Model S has proven adaptable thanks to efforts to transform the electric car into various different machines. Now, we can add a recreational vehicle to that list. The Model S-based Roamer RV is set to debut at Michigan Energy Office’s EV ride and drive, the state said last week. The...

  • RemetzCar Tesla Model S shooting brake
    Tesla Model S shooting brake headed for Geneva, but it needs a coachbuilder

    This past May, a Dutch coachbuilder brought designer Niels van Roji's gorgeous Tesla Model S shooting brake design to life. Next month, it will touch down in Switzerland for the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, but alas, there's a unfortunate twist. The coachbuilder responsible for production has closed up...

  • Ares Tesla Model S Roadster teaser sketch
    Ares teases Tesla Model S Roadster conversion

    Modena, Italy-based design firm Ares wants to drop the top and subtract two doors from the Tesla Model S. On Monday, the firm teased another new project in the form of a Model S Roadster. The announcement was light on details, but in a Facebook post to the company's official page, Ares said it will...

  • Audi S5 with Tesla Model S powertrain swap

    Engine swaps are an integral part of automotive culture. For decades, gearheads have ripped out factory engines and replaced them with something superior, at least in their eyes. Perhaps the powertrain in the Tesla Model S will soon become the GM LS V-8 swap of the future for those who prefer electric propulsion because what we have here is pretty incredible. It's none other than a first-generation Audi S5 with a Tesla Model S electric powertrain. The batteries, electric motor, and everything else are all packaged in the standard S5. Video from YouTuber Rick Rebuilds showed the...

  • 2017 Tesla Model S
    Tesla Model S, X to receive spartan Model 3 interior design

    Tesla's Model S and Model X haven't been put on the back burner as the electric car brand focuses on the Model 3. According to images published by Electrek on Monday, both the larger sedan and SUV models are in for interior refreshes. (Current Model S interior shown.) Hopefully fans and buyers...

  • 2018 Tesla Model S
    Collector car expert Hagerty rates Tesla Model S car of the decade

    Hagerty is always on the hunt for the next great collectible car. Such a machine should be considered exemplary amongst automobiles built during the same era. So which future classic fits the mold for the decade starting 2010? According to the insurance specialist, the greatest car of the 2010s is...

  • 2018 Tesla Model S
    German Tesla Model S owners told to repay $4,650 electric car subsidy

    Hundreds of Tesla Model S owners in Germany will be required to repay a $4,650 electric car subsidy after the country's Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control ruled the car does not qualify. Around 800 owners will be responsible for the sum after the agency declared the Model S is...

  • Tiff Needell behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S race car
    Tiff Needell drives the Electric GT Tesla Model S race car

    British racing driver and television host Tiff Needell was present during last month's launch of the new FIA-backed, production car-based electric racing series known as the Electric Production Car Series (EPCS). The launch took place at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya where Needell got to test...

  • EPCS Tesla Model S P100D electric race car
    Tesla Model S Electric GT car ready to race

    Formula E may be the premier league for electric car sports, but Electric GT's Electric Production Car Series (EPCS) wants a slice of the budding motorsport. Electric GT together with EPCS race team SPV Racing held a launch ceremony in Barcelona, Spain on Tuesday where the competition-ready Tesla...

  • RemetzCar Tesla Model S shooting brake

    A handful of companies have announced plans to turn Tesla's Model S electric sedan into a sexy shooting brake. The first to announce such plans was Dutch firm RemetzCar, and the company has released new information on the project along with photos after completing its first bespoke shooting brake. The car looks quite good and the design has stayed true to the low-slung look RemetzCar first teased in concept sketches last December. The firm's engineer, Frank Reijenga, worked with the design team to firm up the final look, then began work to turn it into reality. The company used 3D rendering...

  • QWest Tesla Model S wagon
    Meet the folks behind the world's first Tesla Model S wagon

    A company by the name of QWest Norfolk based in the United Kingdom late last year completed development of a wagon conversion for the Tesla Model S. The company is a carbon fiber specialist and chose to use the lightweight stuff for the modifications on its Model S, with some of the carbon fiber...

  • Ares Tesla Model S convertible
    Ares previews a stylish Tesla Model S convertible

    Although consumers have largely fallen out of love with convertibles, there's still something about a drop-top that stirs up feelings. Ares Design, based in Modena, Italy, has something cooking that certainly strikes directly at said feelings. The firm hasn't provided any details but it did release...

  • Tesla Model S P100D Electric Production Car Series race car
    FIA backs Tesla Model S-based electric GT race series

    It may be early days for electric cars but they already have support from motorsport's governing body, the FIA, in formula racing, and now in GT racing too. The FIA this week sanctioned the new GT race series being built around the Tesla Model S. It's been branded the Electric Production Car Series...

  • Ares Tesla Model S shooting brake conversion
    Ares announces its own Tesla Model S shooting brake conversion

    The world will soon have three separate options to choose from for Tesla Model S shooting brake conversions. The latest comes from Ares Design based in Modena, Italy. The firm announced on Thursday that it will produce its own Model S shooting brake, and it also plans to outfit the interior with...

  • Armormax Armored Tesla Model S
    This bulletproof Tesla's claim has just one hole in it

    Utah-based Armormax is in the business of transforming everyday machines into rolling vaults for clients. They take normal cars and add various levels of armor. The latest build is a Tesla Model S P100D that's been pieced together for a client in the Middle East. Armormax claims it's the fastest...

  • 2016 Tesla Model S

    Bob Lutz is back again poo-pooing on Tesla. This time the auto industry veteran was speaking to attendees of a collector car auction held Thursday in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he recommended they get hold of a Tesla Model S because it's primed to be a future collectable, and that they should do so while the cars were “still available.” Lutz's reasoning is that Tesla might not be around much longer as the company isn't manufacturing cars at a profit. “Twenty-five years from now, [the Model S] will be remembered as the first really good-looking, fast electric car," he said...

  • 2017 Tesla Model S
    All-wheel drive now standard on Tesla Model S, Model X

    Buyers looking at a brand new Tesla Model S or Model X will no longer have to choose between rear- or all-wheel drive. Tesla announced in its December newsletter that both vehicles will arrive with standard all-wheel drive, Carscoops first reported on Thursday. That leaves all future Model S and...

  • UK firm builds Tesla Model S shooting brake
    UK company builds world's first Tesla Model S shooting brake

    Feast your eyes on the very first Tesla Model S shooting brake. To clear up the confusion, a Dutch firm announced plans for its own shooting brake, due for a March 2018 reveal. This one is different, however. United Kingdom-based Qwest Norfolk actually beat the Dutch company to the finish line with...

  • Tesla Autopilot
    UK insurer first to offer discount for self-driving car tech

    Tesla drivers in the United Kingdom have all the more reason to engage the car's AutoPilot system when in the appropriate situation. Direct Line, a British auto insurer, will now offer a 5 percent discount on premiums for drivers who use the self-driving technology. The system's use is actually in...

  • RemetzCar Tesla Model S shooting brake design sketch
    Dutch coachbuilder working on the Tesla Model S wagon of your dreams

    It's almost strange to think Tesla doesn't produce its own Model S wagon, since the Silicon Valley-based carmaker has a way of doing things differently. Alas, Tesla does not in fact build a wagon—but Dutch firm RemetzCar will. The coachbuilder, based outside of Amsterdam, has begun production...

  • Magna Powertrain three-motor Model S setup
    Magna Powertrain adds extra motor to Tesla Model S for better handling

    What happens when a third electric motor is added to a Tesla Model S? Not additional power, but increased handling prowess. That's according to Roadshow, which recently had a go in a tri-motor Tesla Model S. But ... surprise ... it isn't actually a Tesla Model S. It's Magna Powertrain's own...

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