The Tesla Model S sedan is looking to change the game of electric car ownership, taking range up to 300 miles and performance into serious sport sedan range, all while packing as much luxury and tech--or more--as any German or Japanese gas-burning alternative.

That's a tall order for any car, much less the first real production car from a loan-funded startup. But talking with Tesla's employees makes it clear that it's not just the vision of one man, but the passion of everyone involved. Whether that'll be enough remains for the test driving, as on paper, the Model S is what it claims to be.

Packing up to 85 kWh of battery, and capable of 0-60 mph times as low as 4.5 seconds in Performance trim, the Model S certainly hits its marks on electric utility and performance ability. The exterior and interior design also give the Model S the luxury look and feel it's after, while the super high-tech, iOS-like interface on the massive 17-inch touchscreen display panel puts it in another league in terms of infotainment and vehicle control.

Starting at just $57,700 (before federal tax credits) for the entry-level model, it's relatively accessible, too. If you're excited about the Model S, know that you're not alone.