The BMW 1-Series M Coupe is coming. We've seen spy shots for months now, and BMW confirmed the car earlier this month with an official teaser video, "goosepimples" and all. Now it looks like a 1-Series fan forum has scraped up the schedule for the car's launch, and according to the report it'll be on sale here in the U.S. by next summer.

The schedule isn't sourced or claimed as a leak from official documents, but nonetheless is rather specific in its timeline. The run down: launch via the Web will come this December, followed by its world premiere at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show in January, press launch in March 2011, and European debut at Geneva.

Those lucky Europeans will have a few months less wait to purchase despite getting a later public showing--the leaked info puts their on-sale date in the spring of 2011.

Forum posts are often little more than unsubstantiated rumor, but we have to admit that the schedule looks a lot like a BMW plan, and fits well with the current pre-game from the Bavarian firm. At the very least, with a launch date that's almost a full year away for us yanks, it's hard to call it wishful thinking.