BMW has been spotted testing a prototype for its redesigned M5, which is set to be the first in the nameplate's history to feature electrification.

It will be based on the redesigned 5-Series that was launched last year for the 2024 model year. The M5 should arrive later this year, meaning it will likely reach showrooms as a 2025 model in the U.S.

The prototype may look like one of the testers for the redesigned 5-Series, but telltale clues point to it as the M5 variant. These include the quad-exhaust tips, widened wheel arches, pizza tray-size brake rotors, and multiple intakes in the front fascia.

There also appears to be a dip in the hood leading back from the center of the grille, a design element first seen on the M3 and M4, and more recently on the 2023 XM. The spider web-like wheel pattern is also similar to the one on the M3 and M4.

There's also no missing the “Electrified Vehicle” stickers that confirm an electrified powertrain. A likely bet is the plug-in hybrid V-8 powertrain that debuted in the XM SUV. The XM combines BMW's latest twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 with an electric motor integrated with the transmission, in this case an 8-speed automatic. The combo is good for 644 hp in standard guise and 738 hp in the 2024 XM Label Red model, and either figure would mark an increase for the M5. The outgoing M5 tops out at 627 hp in the CS model. With the plug-in hybrid setup, a modest electric driving range should also be possible.

The redesigned M5 could also be the first in the nameplate's history with the choice of a second powertrain, specifically a battery-electric setup. This powertrain is reportedly coming with more than 1,000 hp, which should help the M5 keep up with electric super sedans such as the Tesla Model S Plaid and Lucid Air Sapphire, as well as Porsche's new Taycan Turbo GT. The M division is also out testing a four-motor electric powertrain, possibly for a dedicated EV.

The redesigned 5-Series also has an electric i5 variant. A tamer M Performance version of the i5 wears an M60 badge and packs 590 hp. Perhaps there will be an i5 M variant at some point with four motors and the aforementioned 1,000-plus-hp output.

The latest M5 will also spawn an M5 Touring wagon body style. While the U.S. misses out on the smaller M3 Touring, which is about to be updated, there are rumors the M5 Touring will reach local shores, just like the previous-generation M5 Touring.