There was, apparently, a "golden age of picnicking," and we are witnessing its return. Or so Rolls-Royce would have us believe. It's hard to imagine doing just about anything in a Rolls-Royce that doesn't seem like it's in its golden age: The golden age of grocery shopping; The golden age of running the kids to school.

But one look at this picnic set, and you may just come around to Rolls' point of view. Created as a an exercise in exclusivity that only Rolls-Royce (or perhaps Bentley) could engage in, the bespoke picnic set is purpose-built to replicate early 20th-century style with present-day cues, while fitting in the trunk of a Phantom: traditional wicker hampers in a leather front-fold format with oiled teak, polished aluminum, and stainless steel construction. Inside, there's Indian rosewood tables, cutlery by David Mellor, magnetic chopping boards, Goodwood-designed hand-blown stemware, and, of course, the ability to customize the set to just about any specification.

Like anything Rolls-Royce does, it was done to excess: 1,500 hours and about six months of work went into the design of the picnic set. “We wanted to make sure this wasn’t just going to be another box filled with other people’s products; it had to be designed from the ground up. And we wanted to come up with engineered solutions, demonstrating our innovation," said Rolls designer Alex Innes.

Anyone up for brunch on the meadow?

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